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WSP Canada helping Canadian government to monitor North Atlantic right whales

January 26, 2021

The Government of Canada is investing $5.3 million in several Canadian companies, including Green Marine partner WSP Canada, to develop innovative solutions to monitor North Atlantic right whales within Canadian waters and predict their movement.

To protect this endangered species, the Government of Canada is turning to the space industry to detect these whales and help to prevent them from colliding with vessels or becoming entangled in fishing gear.

WSP Canada has been awarded almost $900,000 to develop a system that will provide near-real-time information about the forecasted presence of North Atlantic right whales and their potential risks of encountering a vessel. WSP Canada is collaborating with several research enterprises, including the Canadian Whale Institute, a Green Marine supporter.

The investment is part of the smartWhales initiative led by the Canadian Space Agency and involving Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and Transport Canada.

In addition to being part of the Canadian Space Strategy, the smartWhales initiative complements the Canadian government’s 2021 measures for the protection of the species.

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