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Green Marine is the leading environmental certification program for North America’s maritime industry. It is a voluntary initiative that helps its participants to improve their environmental performance beyond regulations. Green Marine targets key environmental issues related to air, water and soil quality, and community relations.


Members in Green Marine's network


Self-evaluations submitted in 2022


years of continual improvement


Indicators targeting key issues

The certification process

To receive their certification, participants must assess their environmental performance annually, submit to an external verification, agree to publish their individual results, and commit to a process of continual improvement.

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A collaborative approach

Regional and multisectoral involvement is at the heart of Green Marine. Environmental issues are identified and addressed in collaboration with industry, governments, academia and environmental groups. This approach permits informed decisions to be made based on consensus.


A North American scope

Discover the results of all the participants based on the program’s rigorous criteria.

Performance indicators

Green Marine’s essence is its comprehensive environmental program that facilitates participants adopting concrete actions to measurably reduce their environmental footprint.

A vast network

Green Marine also brings together maritime associations that act as program ambassadors, and partners that offer products, services and technologies to support the participants in their environmental efforts.


For more than 12 years, the environmental certification program has proven its effectiveness and ability to guide its participants on the way to sustainable maritime transportation.

What's new ?


16 November 2022

Seti Media: a new partner for environmental data collection and analysis

Seti Media has been redefining the way environmental data is captured and analysed for more than 22 years by delivering an integrated environmental data management
  • Green Marine News
16 November 2022

The Canadian Marine Careers Foundation is the latest Green Marine Supporter

The Canadian Marine Careers Foundation (CMCF) is working to develop innovative and dynamic solutions to create long-term human capital sustainability for one of Canada’s most
  • Green Marine News
16 November 2022

Trigon Terminals is set to double its terminal capacity at the Port of Prince Rupert

Within the next four years, Trigon Pacific Terminals Limited will double the capacity of its export terminal at the Port of Prince Rupert, thanks in large part to Canada’s
  • Industry success stories

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