Green Marine’s members are committed to strengthening the North American marine sector’s environmental performance through a process of continuous improvement, stronger relations with stakeholders, and increased overall awareness of the marine industry’s activities and environmental benefits. A print-friendly PDF document listing all Green Marine members (participants, supporters, partners, and associations members) is available under the resources tab of the website.


Participants are ship owners, ports, terminals, shipyards and Seaway corporations operating in Canada or in the United States.

The Green Marine environmental program is intended for:

  • Domestic & International Ship owners
  • Port authorities, terminal facilities, and Seaway Corporations
  • Shipyards

Green Marine participants include different types of cargo ships (bulk carriers, container ships, tankers, etc.) as well as ferries, tugs and barges.

On the land side, port authorities and terminal facilities of various size and activities (container and bulk terminals, stevedoring companies, etc.) and shipyards participate in the program.

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Green Marine Partners are suppliers of services, products, technology and/or equipment that offer environmental advantages or opportunities to help Green Marine participants to improve their environmental performance.

Partners are organizations with business links to the marine industry – including marine agents, shippers, suppliers, marine associations, research and development centers and others – all of whom actively promote the Green Marine Program to their clients.

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The Associations category is now composed of 30 Canadian and U.S. associations that represent more than 500 companies in the maritime sector.

Maritime associations have contributed greatly to the creation of Green Marine and still play a key role in the building of the environmental program reputation.

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Green Marine supporters are environmental NGOs, research institutes, and government agencies that support and bolster Green Marine’s efforts to improve maritime transportation’s sustainability.

One of the Green Marine program’s core strengths comes from its collaborative approach. The 70 some supporters encourage the sustainable development initiatives undertaken by the participating maritime enterprises. They play a pivotal role in the certification’s relevance and credibility by endorsing, shaping, and reviewing the program’s criteria, most notably through our advisory committees.

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