Green Marine Verifiers

Our certification process is rigorous and transparent. In order to obtain the Green Marine certification, each company must agree to these external verification conditions:

  • The company must submit its results to third party verification every two years by using a Green Marine accredited verifier (see the list below)
  • The first verification is required within the first two years of joining the program.
  • The certification and the use of the «Green Marine certified» logo are awarded only after successful verification of results.
  • Certificates are valid for two years from date of verification.
  • The verification process includes on-site visits and verification of the company’s documented proof and justification in support of its self-evaluation.

Green Marine accredited verifiers have been selected with the help of a third party based on the following criteria to ensure objectivity:

  • Sector experience – Experience with vessel operations, and/or with marine facilities
  • Experience and accreditation in verification – e.g. ISO 14001, ISM Code, etc.
  • Environmental experience – Work experience, academic experience, training, etc.

All verifiers have received training to be able to understand Green Marine’s evaluation, verification and certification process and proceed to the verification of participant companies according to Green Marine’s standards.

Verifiers’ terms of reference

Annual accreditation renewal for verifiers

Green Marine verifiers need to renew their accreditation every year by participating in a training session on the program’s new criteria and paying their accreditation fees. You only need to complete the following form to do so. Make sure you select the currency and payment mode at the top of the form.

Verifier Accreditation renewal

List of accredited verifiers

  • Alicja Rudzki, Environmental Consultant

    Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

    Language: English (also fluent in Polish)

    Experience: Alicja Rudzki is an environmental professional who has dedicated the last 20 years of her career to policy development, environmental management, and environmental auditing, primarily in the marine sector including shipboard and land-based operations. Alicja has a solid background in environmental sciences and she demonstrates in-depth understanding of administration, planning and operations in both the public and private sectors. She applies her experience and knowledge to identify and solve environmental and technical problems and demonstrates her strong relationship building skills.

    Alicja’s other areas of expertise include:

    • Canadian and International environmental regulatory framework
    • Pollution control technology assessment
    • Inventory of Hazardous Materials in ships (classification society-trained HAZMAT Expert)
    • Project Management
    • Public outreach and education

    Phone:  +1 (250) 415-3334


  • Andrew MacKay

    Organization: Envirochem Services Inc.

    Location: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    Language: English

    Experience: Andrew currently holds the position of Manager of Environmental Management Systems Program at Envirochem Services Inc., working as an environmental consultant for numerous marine terminals and BC coastal forest products manufacturing with marine operations such as barging, solid and liquid product transfer, dredging and over-water fuelling systems. As a registered Environmental Site Assessor, he has 20 years of experience in environmental management. He is also a certified ISO14001 auditor with experience of over 200 audits related to environmental compliance, ISO14001 and waste management for various industrial clients. He has also developed EMS for over 30 industrial sites.

    Phone : 604-986-0233

  • Brian C. Lesinski, CPEA, EMS-LA

    Organization: EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc., PBC

    Location: Warwick, Rhode Island, U.S.

    Language: English

    Experience: Mr. Lesinski is Vice President and National Service Line Program Manager for EA’s Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) Compliance service line, a $28 million service line within EA’s portfolio of client services. He specializes in assisting clients to recognize, understand, manage, and improve the business and technical aspects of their EH&S management programs. He serves as trusted advisor for government agencies, as well as Fortune 500 clients involved in manufacturing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace and defense research and development; telecommunications; transportation; and energy sectors. He provides over 24 years of experience in EH&S business process improvement, regulatory analysis, EH&S compliance management and auditing, project management, and integrated management systems’ design, implementation, and continual improvement, and sustainability. He has worked throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and Mexico. Brian is an Exemplar Global and Board of Environmental Auditor Certification certified Environmental Lead Auditor who has assisted over 30 organizations achieve certification to leading third party schemes such as ISO 14001 and Responsible Care, and over 30 clients design, implement, and sustain integrated EH&S management system approaches.

    Phone : 401-287-0367
    Cell. : 401-742-4758


  • Denis Bernier

    Organisation : Sevices Conseils Environnementaux Bernier inc.

    Languages : French, English

    Experience: Mr. Bernier is an engineer and holds an Environmental Master Degree. He has, since 2002, the two certification from the Quebec Association of Environmental Auditing, the Certified Environmental Site Assessor (CESA) and Certified Environmental Auditor (QAEA). In fact, after more than 25 years in this field, he has conducted many Environmental Assessments, verifications and audits. He is the Green Marine verifier that has conducted over 20-quality verification reports in 2016.

    Mr. Bernier has been a member of the Board of Directors at the Port of Quebec from 2008 to 2017. On top of that, he was President of the Environmental, Health, Security and Maritime Safety committee of that organization. That implication has resulted in gaining notable experience in crisis management, the planning of emergency measures, but also in relations with the stakeholders.

    Téléphone : 581-307-5102

  • Hugh M Hutton

    Organization: Hugh M Hutton

    Location; Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada

    Language: English

    Experience: Hugh has over 50 years’ experience in all aspects of the marine industry including shipbuilding and repair, ship operation and management. From shipyard and engine builders’ apprenticeship, he was a seagoing chief engineer on general cargo ships, bulk carriers, ro-ro ships, oil and chemical tankers and ferries over a period of 15 years before entering ship management in operational executive positions in U.K and Canada.

    Hugh joined Lloyd’s Register in 1994 and managed Lloyds Register’s involvement in ISM Certification services including consultancy, auditor training, and conducting audits all over North America and Caribbean on all ship types including cruise ships, cargo ships, oil tankers, Coast Guard icebreakers, ferries, tugs and the shore-based management. During his time with Lloyd’s Register Hugh was also an IRCA registered Lead Auditor with LR subsidiary, LRQA and ISO management standards including Environment, Quality, Occupational Health & Safety, Energy Management, and Supply Chain Security. ISO management certification audits were often done concurrent with ISM Code audits.

    Hugh became Green Marine’s first independent third-party verifier in 2007 and participated annually since.

    Hugh was granted ‘Chartered Manager’ status with Canadian Institute of Management. (C.I.M, P.Mgr. C. Mgr.) with continued service 1985-2020.

    Phone: 905-468-2693 / Cell 289 969 2693


  • Iqbal Kazi

    Organization:  Pacmarine Service LLC

    Location: Houston, Texas, USA

    Language: English

    Iqbal has more than 36 years of experience in the marine industry. He has served as a Master Marine mariner (Captain), Operations Manager, Marine Surveyor, SIRE (OCIMF- Ship Inspection Report Editor), OVID (Offshore Vessel Inspection Data), and is accredited by DNV and  Rightship, Australia for Inspection. He is a certified lead auditor for ISO: 9001 and ISO 14001. He is also a third party Internal and Live navigation auditor for shipping companies, performing Management and Safety audits (ISM & ISO assessment) and providing training on board Oil Rigs, P&I condition inspections on vessels to identify deficiencies and short comings for cargo safety and environment. He provides recommendations, conducts risk analysis, hazard description and consequence. He is presently serving as a Marine Consultant (Quality, Safety, Security and Environment) and also Quality Assurance Manager.

    Phone:  281 447 9595

  • Jay R. Jahangiri, REM, CESM, ENV-SP, REPA, QISP, ToR

    Organization: TRE Consulting, Inc.

    Location: San Francisco Bay Area with West Coast, Midwest, South East and Gulf Coast Coverage

    Language: English

    Experience: Jay Jahangiri has 30 years of proven track record in environmental, health, safety and sustainability programs for Ports, Marine, Airports and Industrial sectors.  As a former Port environmental director for a major west coast port, Jay began his ports and maritime career on the water front as a marine terminal operator labor while attending full time college.  Jay has conducted numerous audits and developed award winning programs for ports (west coast, east coast, gulf, great lakes, and international), marine terminals, shipping lines and maritime related facilities.  Jay holds a M.S., degree in Environmental Engineering and Sciences from Virginia Tech and a B.S., in Comprehensive Sciences: Biology/Chemistry.  Jay holds 10 professional registrations/certifications.

    Phone: 209-601-7048

  • Jean-Marc Léger

    Organization: ERM

    Location: Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

    Language: English and French

    Experience: Jean-Marc Léger has worked for 23 years in the domains of environmental management and natural resources conservation. Since obtaining his accreditation as a certified environmental auditor from the QAEA in 2007, he has led or participated in over 100 HSE compliance assurance or management system audits for various corporate clients, including those in the mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food & beverages, transport and defense industries. He has also performed environmental and social impact studies, World Bank performance standard assessments and due diligence reviews for transaction purposes. Jean-Marc is a recognized lead auditor by the International Cyanide Management Institute; a trained GHG auditor by the Canadian Standard Association (ISO 14064:3); a Verification Service Provider by the Mining Association of Canada; a Green Marine certified auditor and PECB certified risk manager (ISO 31000).

    Phone: 514.687.3733
    Cell: 514.826.6233

  • John A. Foster

    Organization: c/o John Foster

    Location: British Columbia, CANADA

    Language: English

    Experience: John A. Foster, PhD, RPBio, QEP, EP(CEA), EP(EMSLA), CHSMSA Senior Management Systems Specialist – Certified Green Marine Auditor. John is a Registered Professional Biologist, a Certified Environmental Compliance Auditor, a Certified Environmental Management System Lead Auditor and a Qualified Environmental Professional with the Institute of Professional Environmental Practice (US/Canada). John is also a Certified Towards Sustainable Mining Auditor and an ISO 45001 and Certificate of Recognition (COR/OSSE) Safety Management System Auditor (Trucking Safety Council of BC and the BC Manufacturing Safety Association). John has been a Consultant based in BC for over 30 years and has worked nationally and internationally for a wide variety of private and government clients. He has a long history of environmental and safety work in the marine industry, including offshore oil and gas exploration and development projects, tanker traffic and undersea pipelines, oil spill impact assessment and emergency response planning. In the past 12 years, he has specialized in auditing large terminals and marine service operations for safety and environmental performance.

    Phone: (604) 788 1479

  • Katharine Sweeney

    Organization:  Compliance Maritime

    Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

    Language: English

    Experience: Capt. Sweeney, MNI, has over 28 years of experience in the Maritime Industry.  After a career sailing as Master (Unlimited) for Matson Navigation in the Hawaiian and Far East Trades, in 2009 she came ashore to start Compliance Maritime, a company providing 3rd party and internal auditing, as well as investigations and expert legal witness.  Lead Auditor certifications in: ISM, ISPS, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.  Well versed in Safety, Health, Quality, Security, Environmental, and Energy management systems, Capt. Sweeney has conducted approximately 350 audits to date and averages 50 audits a year for all types of companies and on all types of vessels.  While very knowledgeable in current industry standards and best practices, Capt. Sweeney understands systems must be tailor made to fit the client.  A graduate of CMA, and holds a current Master. Any Gross Tons, Oceans license with full pilotage on Puget Sound, All Waters.

    Phone: 206-755-3254

  • Marie Beaugeard

    Organization: AECOM

    Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Language: English, French

    Marie Beaugeard is a certified environmental auditor (CEA), member of the Quebec Association of Environmental Verification.

    Marie has 15 years of experience in implementing and auditing environmental, health and safety management systems and sustainability programs, monitoring regulations, conducting due diligence reviews, environmental site assessments, and environmental and social impact assessments. She participated or lead more than 100 compliance and management system audits in multiple sectors such as transportation, manufacturing, aeronautical, mining, pharmaceutical, food, telecommunications, pulp and paper, and energy. The majority of her activities are based in Quebec (Canada), but also in Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and France.

    She was involved in several environmental compliance audits of tenants of both the Montreal and Quebec Port Authorities. She also helped several maritime companies implementing an environmental management system in order to become ISO 14001 certified.

    Phone: 514-287-8500

  • Michael W. Herald, EP(EMSLA), EP(CEA), CRSP

    Organization: Blackbird EHS Consulting Services Inc.

    Location: British Columbia / Canada

    Language: English

    Experience: Michael W. Herald, EP(EMSLA), EP(CEA), CRSP has been leading, participating and managing hundreds of environmental, health and safety (EHS) audits and management system assessments world-wide for over 30 years. He has worked with many industries and federal, provincial and local government agencies, and recently assisted a shipping terminal in developing a comprehensive environmental management system (EMS).  He also assisted Port Authorities in improving their health and safety management systems. He has conducted ISO 14001 registration and surveillance audits for an international registration body.  Mr. Herald is an Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditor EP(EMSLA), Compliance Environmental Auditor EP(CEA), and Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) in Canada, and a trained US EPA Asbestos Building Inspector and Asbestos Project Designer. He is also currently on the Board of Directors of the Auditing Association of Canada (AAC), and past president of the Environmental Managers Association of BC (EMA of BC).

    Phone: 604-353-2473

  • Neil Allen

    Organization: Envirochem Services Inc

    Location: British Columbia, Canada

    Language: English

    Experience: Neil Allen, M.Sc., P.G.Dipl.Env.Mngt., P.Ag., EP(EMSLA), EP(CEA), CHSMSA, is a senior environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system auditor and accredited Green Marine verifier Envirochem Services Inc.. He has more than 22 years of consulting experience in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and India. Neil is also a dual certified Environmental Management Systems (EMS) lead auditor to ISO 14001:2015 [EP(EMSLA)] and regulatory compliance auditor [EP(CEA)] (Safety and Environmental) certified with ECO Canada, a GHG verification auditor to ISO 140064-3, and a certified Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) verification auditor with certification from the Mining Association of Canada. He is also an OHSAS 18001 lead auditor, and Certified Health and Safety Management System Auditor (CHSMSA) with the Auditing Association of Canada. In addition, Neil is a certified COR/OSSE auditor with three safety associations in British Columbia and Alberta – the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC, Safety Driven, and the Alberta Safety Council. He was also a certified COR auditor with the BC Maritime Employers Association for 10 years until the BCMEA removed itself from the COR program in early 2018.

    Phone: 604-986-0233 ext. 137

  • Nigel J. Hastings

    Organization: Canadian International Bureau of Shipping (CIBS)

    Location: British Columbia, Canada.

    Language: English

    Experience: Nigel has 50 years of experience in the marine industry. He’s been a Chief Engineer at deep sea on all types of vessels for 23 years. He then acted as an Engineering Instructor at the Pacific Marine Training Institute for two years before joining Transport Canada as a Marine Inspector and where he became involved in plan approval and new construction at the region office. He pursued his career as a Principal Surveyor at Loyds Register in Vancouver, and later became Lead Auditor and coordinator for ISM and ISPS Audits in the Western region performing risk assessment, gap analysis and environmental audits on passenger ships. Nigel is currently partnering with the Canadian International Bureau of Shipping (CIBS) to develop and deliver training courses, marine consultations, ship registration and classification, and assisting maritime industries in the development and implementation of ISM, ISPS, MLC, ISO 9001, 14001, 28001 and OHSAH 18001.

    Phone: 604-897-2195

  • Randolph C. Helland

    Organization: R.C. Helland Consulting

    Location: Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S.

    Language: English

    Experience: Randy is an experienced Green Marine verifier who has conducted verifications since 2012 throughout the U.S. and Canada. Prior to that he had over 32 years of experience with the U.S. Coast Guard where he held senior executive positions at the national, regional and local levels in the areas of marine/port safety, security, environmental protection and waterways management.  He has extensive experience in ship and facility safety and environmental inspections. He is currently self-employed at R.C. Helland Consulting providing maritime safety, security and environmental regulatory inspection, guidance, planning and exercise services to U.S. Government, the maritime industry and academia.

    Phone :  440-541-6463

  • Ravi Mehta

    Organization: AARA Marine Consulting LLC

    Location: Broward County, Florida, U.S.

    Language: English

    Experience: Ravi is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in several aspects of the maritime industry as a seafarer (mainly on board VLCCs and large oil tankers), superintendent engineer, fleet manager, principal surveyor, lead auditor, customer service manager, marketing executive and business developer. As Fleet Manager in Hong Kong, he managed a fleet of 20 plus ships for various reputed Principals. His skills include the finer aspects of strategy, corporate re-structuring and business analysis as a business management student in his mid-career. He has an extensive travel experience to over 69 countries working with almost all cultures in existence in this industry and providing a tremendous record of service.

    Phone: +1 954 803 1632

  • Ross Szwec

    Organization: EEM EHS Management / EEM Gestion ESS

    Location: Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

    Language: English and French


    Senior consultant and partner at EEM EHS Management since 2000, Ross is a Certified Environmental Auditor with almost 20 years of audit experience.  He has conducted over 160 management system, compliance and client specific standards audits.  He is also a recognized Verification Service Provider (VSP) for the Mining Association of Canada’s Towards Sustainable Mining initiative.  Ross is fluently bilingual (spoken and written) with excellent communication skills.  Versatile, diligent and solution-oriented with a positive, courteous and uncomplicated attitude, he is recognized for his capacity to simplify complex subjects and to interact with ease with persons at various levels of an organization.

    Cell: 514-250-4474


  • Said Nassif

    Organization: Canadian International Bureau of Shipping Ltd.

    Location: Ontario, Québec, British Columbia

    Language: French, English

    Experience: Said has over 30 years of experience within the marine industry. Upon completion of 14 years in the sea career as Chief Engineer, he joined the Canadian government as a marine inspector, rose through the ranks and held several management positions including Manager OH&S to Operations Director Marine Safety and Security. His experience is inclusive of consulting, training, auditing, risk assessment, gap analysis, development and implementation of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 28000 and C-TPAT. He also works as QMS & EMS Auditor for a Registrars certification body. In addition, he is nominated and accredited by various Flags Administrations and classification societies; as flag inspector and Lead Auditor in ISM, ISPS and MLC-2006. He is also accredited by the Chemical Distribution Institute as a CDI Port/Terminal Inspector.

    Cell: 613-790-7260

  • Tony Di Nino

    Organization: Envirochem Services Inc.

    Location: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    Language: English only

    Experience: Tony is a professional engineer and currently holds the position of Manager of Auditing Program at Envirochem Services Inc., working as an environmental consultant for marine facilities including marine terminal operations and other various coastal industrial operations which have marine activities. He is a certified environmental and ISO14001 auditor. He has been seconded by registrar to conduct ISO14001/OHSAS18001/ISO9001/ISO50001 and electronic stewardship audits of hundreds of industrial operations across North America (Canada, US, and Mexico). He is also a COR (safety) certified auditor with BC Maritime Employers Association and GHG validation and verification auditor for Pacific Carbon Trust. Since 1995 he has conducted over 300 audits related to environmental compliance, environmental management systems, waste management, and energy audits at various industrial clients.

    Phone: 604-986-0233

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