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WSF launches Ferry system electrification webpage

July 31, 2020

News about Washington State Ferries’ ferry system electrification project can be found on their brand new webpage! WSF just launched the page for the latest on the hybrid-electric conversion of their Jumbo Mark II class vessels, construction of their first hybrid-electric Olympic Class vessel and their other efforts to be greener and ready for a future of lower carbon emissions.

The 2040 Long Range Plan, which WSF delivered to the Legislature in January 2019, recommends short-, medium- and long-term actions for WSF to pursue and focuses on a set of investments and service enhancements to be implemented over 20 years. One of the key recommendations is to move toward a “greener” ferry fleet with the goal of a reliable fleet that has a lighter footprint on the environment and outperforms carbon dioxide reduction targets.

WSF is developing a system-wide electrification plan that expands on the 2040 Long Range Plan to evaluate alternatives and propose an efficient strategy for using hybrid electric vessels throughout the system. The plan will be delivered to the legislature in September 2020.