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Whale Seeker is the latest Green Marine partner

November 20, 2020

Whale Seeker is an innovative, pending B Corp company, whose founders believe that whales and humans can harmoniously coexist in healthy and profitable ways. The company is making its biological and AI expertise, technology and services as accessible as possible to spark new ideas and standards for safer maritime transits in waters occupied by these marine mammals.

The company based in Montreal, Quebec, was created in 2018 when Emily Charry, a biologist and now the CEO, joined lead biologist Bertrand Charry to analyse whale images for various research and management projects. Antoine Gagné heads the technology side of the business.

Dedicated to innovation, Whale Seeker’s team possesses and practices firm ethics in combining available imagery, AI diagnostic tools and biological relevancy to tailor its solutions to client needs so they are neither over- nor under-engineered and remain affordable.

Whale Seeker abides by the Montreal Declaration for the Responsible Development of Artificial Intelligence within an ethnical framework to achieve its inclusive, equitable and ecologically sustainable development. The company applies this code to all use of its expertise and tools by its team and its clients. The company is proud to have achieved Pending B Corp status, and excited to be on track for full certification in 2021. Certified B Corporations form a global community of leaders committed to improving the world’s social and environmental future by each making their own business a force of good. Members qualify based on their own business practices and their commitment to the B (which stands for benefit) Corp values and goals.