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Welcome to SRECTrade, Inc, the new Green Marine partner

November 9, 2022

SRECTrade Inc. and its parent company Xpansiv have the expertise to source, manage, and transact environmental commodities globally. Founded in 2008, SRECTrade is a leading agent manager of electric vehicle (EV) assets for the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), as well as renewable energy assets across the United States.

With a 99% annual client retention, the firm has generated almost $1 billion in value among 64,000 clients and has managed upwards of 185,000 clean energy assets on its technology platform. Clients include commercial and public entities across a variety of market segments, ranging from global brand-leaders, to enterprises involved in manufacturing, freight and logistics, warehouse and distribution, as well as to EV charging networks, transit fleets, municipalities, universities, property management companies and others.

SRECTrade is a wholly owned subsidiary of Xpansiv. When merged in November of 2021, SRECTrade was already a leading manager of compliance-based credit management, and transaction services, and united with Xpansiv, a premier market-infrastructure platform for environmental commodities offering a full portfolio of managed services as well as self-serve platform capabilities. Xpansiv operates the largest carbon exchange in the world. Collectively, the enterprise has more than 350 employees, and offices in Sydney, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Vancouver, London, Milan, Bendigo, Kansas City and elsewhere. Other Xpansiv companies include: CBL, OTX, APX, and Evolution Markets.