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Welcome to our new partner: Environmental Enhancements Inc.

May 5, 2023

The Microplastics Filter designed and sold by Environmental Enhancements captures the microplastic fibres generated by washing machines to prevent their passage from laundry wastewater into marine environments.

Environmental Enhancements was started in 2003 after the founder encountered an all too common problem with septic systems. Only a year and a half in his new home, Fred Peratt found himself cleaning sewer effluent in his basement after the septic tank outlet pipe had become clogged with washing machine lint. With no solution at the hardware store, he designed and fabricated the Lint LUV-R Septic SAV-R and has since sold more than 10,000 units internationally from a home-based business.

The subsequently produced Microplastics Filter is helping to reduce the microplastic contamination of ground water, rivers, lakes and oceans.