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Watson Gloves saved 826,116 plastic bottles from going to landfill

March 26, 2021

Growing into one of the largest distributors of quality gloves in Canada, Watson Gloves specializes in creating sustainable gloves used in the marine industry especially by longshoremen.

Watson Gloves holds two different lines of sustainable gloves including the WasteNot ™ line, made with yarn from recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) water bottles. Since the line’s inception, 826,116 water bottles have been reused to make gloves.

In March of this year, the family-owned company introduced the first biodegradable nylon-coated gloves to the market, its second sustainable glove line. With the biodegradable ReClaim ™ additive in both the nylon shell and the nitrile coating, the seamless biodegradable knit gloves are capable of decomposing in five years in modern landfills, while other similar synthetic gloves need decades to degrade.

Image from Waton Gloves