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Washington State aims to become the most sustainable maritime industry by 2050

December 13, 2017

Twenty maritime executives, government leaders and community representatives met yesterday in Seattle to launch Washington’s new Maritime Innovation Advisory Council. The coalition will promote the sustainable development of the state’s maritime industry.

Washington Maritime BLUE 2050 aims to ensure Washington State is home to the U.S. nation’s most sustainable maritime industry within the next few decades. The strategy aligns with Governor Jay Inslee’s plans for significant decarbonization, innovation and workforce development.

Maritime Blue has three main objectives:

  • Set the course for sustainable maritime industry innovation.
  • Support strong blue technology cluster coordination that leads to strategic alliances, increased trade and more jobs.
  • Support the development of the Washington Maritime Innovation Center at the Port of Seattle in partnership with the Port of Seattle and the Applied Physics Lab at the University of Washington.

Additional briefings on promising sustainable trends in the state included remarks from a few speakers at the official launch. Dr. Eleanor Kirtley, Green Marine’s program manager, discussed shipping and port environmental certification.

Left to right: Vigor CEO Frank Foti; Gov. Jay Inslee; state Rep. Gael Tarleton; and Dennis McLerran, former EPA Region 10 administrator (Governor’s Office)