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Ventus Development Services joins Green Marine as a partner

October 30, 2023

Ventus Development Services Inc. is a boutique consulting firm specializing in strategic advisory services in impact assessment (IA), regulatory affairs, corporate responsibility, sustainable development, and capacity building.

Established in 2002, Ventus helps companies, governments and communities to articulate their organizational and project-specific sustainability vision and goals, and to design and implement plans, policies and best practices to achieve them. It prioritizes sustainability, with an entire scope of services designed to foster transformation and progress towards achieving this goal through corporate strategy, community development, government oversight, or individual action.

Its methodological approaches to key IA aspects include issues scoping, valued component selection, and cumulative effects assessment. The company’s approach recognizes the importance of having meaningful engagement with the public, Indigenous people, and other key stakeholders in the IA process, as well as IA’s role in contributing to sustainable development. The expert team can develop and deliver training sessions, facilitated workshops, and other programming.

The company minimizes its own environmental footprint through telework, electronic reporting and administration, the purchase of renewable energy, recycling, and by avoiding disposable products whenever possible.