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Vancouver Maritime Center for Climate launches Operation Flagship!

March 31, 2021

The Vancouver Maritime Centre for Climate is a grassroots, industry led initiative dedicated to accelerating the transition to a zero emissions shipping industry in British Columbia.

The Center believes that bringing industry together helps facilitate the mobilization and implementation of green technologies that will help ship owners and the supporting land-based infrastructure get to zero emissions faster.

The intention of the VMCC is to bring the right players to the table to help provide solutions and accelerate the implementation of technology through information sharing from previous and current experience, as well as facilitating pilot projects between VMCC members to help them test technology and get in touch with resources they may not have previously thought to tap into. While research projects can be a long-term goal, in the short term, the aim is to stay practical, and results driven. This includes helping commercialize products offered by local technology and service providers by giving them access to a large member platform and discussion forums.

Several West Coast Green Marine members are taking part in this new initiative. To embark on pilot projects and contribute to Operation Flagship visit the VMCC Website: https://vmcclimate.ca/operation-flagship-1

Image from vmcclimate.ca