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UpGyres becomes a Green Marine supporter

July 5, 2018

Not-for-profit UpGyres is working to re-establish a healthy marine environment for people and the planet. The organization operates to stop plastic waste from polluting water, air and land, and to rescue the resources in waste plastic to productively recycle them back into the economy. UpGyres focuses on preventing macro-plastics (namely single-use disposable packaging) along with micro-plastics and micro-textiles from entering the water environments. Find out more at the organization’s website.

UpGyres is hosting the 2018-2020 Plastika Reparabilis Challenge, a global crowdsourcing collaboration to foster the most forward-thinking projects for recovering and reusing plastic waste.  Visit the platform to learn more about the Challenge. Contact joseluis@upgyres.org to Sponsor the Plastika Reparabilis Challenge.