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Participants help to obtain new research vessel to study marine animals

June 6, 2019

Two Green Marine participants, Fednav and QSL, have together helped to support marine mammal research. On June 6, 2019, a QSL cargo ship unloaded a Targa boat named the Indigo Riff in Sorel, Quebec. The Indigo Riff will be the new research vessel for the Mignan Islands Cetaceans Study (MICS) in the St. Lawrence River. Dr. Richard Sears founded MICS 40 years ago to study marine mammals, particularly blue whales.

A Finnish environmental writer who became aware of MICS’ need for a new research vessel put Dr. Sears in contact with Targa. The boat manufacturer joined forces with Fednav, QSL and others to make it possible for MICS to acquire the vessel. The Indigo Riff will facilitate longer stays on water that will permit Dr. Sears to cover larger areas to expand the scope of his research.