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Brittany Ferries has two new hybrid vessels on order for its UK-France operations

July 22, 2021

Green Marine Europe laureate Brittany Ferries is preparing to welcome two new LNG-electric ships in the near future. Arriving in 2024/2025, they will replace the fleet’s oldest vessels: the Bretagne (on the Portsmouth/Saint-Malo route) and the Normandie (for Portsmouth/Caen).

At sea, the new hybrids will be powered by cleaner LNG fuel, but they will also operate partially or completely at times on battery power when, for example, arriving or leaving a port – which is a first within the English Channel.

In addition to significantly reduced emissions, the new ferries will produce less vibration and noise. They will also be equipped to plug into shoreside power to recharge onboard batteries and run lights, heating or air conditioning with zero emissions while at berth.