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Two Green Marine ports launch incentive programs to promote industry’s sustainability

December 15, 2021

Port Milwaukee’s new StewardSHIP initiative offers a discount on dockage charges to port customers that take sustainable action to reduce their environmental footprint. To obtain a credit, ship owners must be a certified participant in the Green Marine program, as well as satisfy various performance indicators that demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability. Ship owners participating in other international recognized sustainability programs for the shipping industry are eligible as well. The Port’s newly approved 2022 Tariff will be posted in April 2022 and go into effect at the same moment.

Along similar lines, the Port of Quebec recently launched its EcoCargo Program, which likewise aims to encourage ship owners to adopt environmentally friendly practices. As part of the port’s 2017-2022 sustainable development plan, the incentive grants up to a 30% discount on port fees to ship owners actively committed to reducing their environmental footprint. The amount of the credit is based on the ship owner’s best level of achievement within either the Green Marine certification program, or the RightShip program’s rating structure. For example, any ship owner with an average of 4.5 or higher within Green Marine’s 1-to-5 level framework will be entitled to a 10% discount on docking fees.