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Tugboat electrification at the Port of San Diego

November 10, 2020

The Port of San Diego will soon replace one of its old diesel-powered tugs with a new electric one! The San Diego County Air Pollution Control District received a $2-million grant from the Environmental Protection Agency’s West Coast Collaborative. The funds will be added to the $17.6 million already contributed by the county and the project partner Crowley Marine tug operator.

With its zero-emission electric propulsion system, the new tugboat will improve neighbouring air quality and reduce human exposure to diesel emissions associated decreased lung function and development, as well as other negative health impacts. Over its lifespan, the new tug will reduce nitrogen oxides by 204 tons, carbon dioxide by more than five tons, and particulate matters by three tons. The project will also save more than 44,200 gallons (16,731 litres) of diesel fuel.

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Photo de Pacific Tugboat Service