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Transport Canada to fund Innovation Maritime's recyclable boat project

April 7, 2021

As part of the Oceans Protection Plan, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra has announced $200,000 in funding to Innovation Maritime, a Green Marine partner, to develop a recyclable boat.

The funding is intended to assist in the design and development of boats that are more respectful of oceans and to address the burden of dismantling boats at the end of their lifecycle. The project’s initial goal is to develop a complete, functional model that will be tested, establishing a unique showcase for technological advancement across Canada.

Ship recycling was added Green Marine’s environmental certification program as a performance indicator in 2020. The criteria gives the program’s participating shipowners a step-by-step framework to improve human health and safety while reducing the environmental impacts of ship recycling, even though currently there is no regulatory requirement to do so.

Image from Innovation maritime