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Transport Canada and Green Marine sign memorandum of cooperation to strengthen marine environmental performance

April 23, 2012

OTTAWA — Transport Canada and Green Marine have signed a memorandum of cooperation to enhance environmental protection and performance in the marine shipping sector. The agreement was announced today to members of the Canadian Marine Advisory Council at its annual meeting in Ottawa. The memorandum of cooperation formalizes a cooperative agreement and designates Transport Canada as a “Green Marine supporter.”

As part of the agreement, Transport Canada and Green Marine will work together to:

  • enhance the industry’s environmental performance benchmarking;
  • support efforts to promote Green Marine goals and successes nationally;
  • collect environmental data and develop environmental performance measurement standards; and
  • identify ways to promote industry best practices, measures and strategies that can further address environmental issues in the marine sector.

“Transport Canada’s support will play a key role in expanding the program’s scope in terms of both content and industry participation,” said Raymond Johnston, chair of Green Marine’s board of directors. “The memorandum of cooperationrecognizes Green Marine as a unique opportunity to promote a culture of continuous environmental improvement on a voluntary basis among shipowners, port authorities, terminal operators, the St. Lawrence Seaway and shipyards.”

Under the memorandum of cooperation, Transport Canada will also participate as an observer on the Green Marine Environment Committees. This will involve monitoring developments and exchanging information to support the advancement of Green Marine’s goals.