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Three Green Marine participants collaborate to create a domestic green shipping corridor

December 4, 2023

Alongside the timing of COP28 in Dubai, the Montreal Port Authority, Oceanex and QSL are collaborating to create a green shipping corridor between Quebec and Newfoundland with the goal of eliminating carbon emissions on this major shipping route in Eastern Canada.

By using alternative fuels, electrification technologies and increased data transparency, the project could reduce the yearly carbon footprint resulting from 27,000 tonnes of diesel and 87,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases in transporting freight between the Port of Montreal and the Port of St. John's.

The new green shipping corridor is part of the maritime industry's efforts to accelerate the energy transition, given the crucial role played by the transportation sector in Canada's GHG emissions. The initiative ties in with Transport Canada recently announcing the creation of the Green Shipping Corridor Program with a federal investment of $165.4 million.