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The Searial Cleaners is the newest Green Marine partner

November 9, 2022

Consulting, engineering and design firm Poralu Marine launched The Searial Cleaners in 2021 to deal with plastic pollution at marinas, as well as raise awareness about this environmental hazard.

The Searial Cleaners include the Collect’Thor second-generation trash skimmer, the Pixie Drone that ‘swallows’ aquatic trash, the InvisiBubble multi-purpose bubble curtain that deflects floating and submerged trash for collection and containment, as well as the BeBot ecological beach-cleaning robot. These products work to clear waterways and beaches of macro and micro trash (> 3 millimetres/ 0.11 inch) as well as surface oils.

Clients are invited to join the International Trash Trap Network (ITTN), a collaboration between Ocean Conservancy and the University of Toronto. The ITTN global network shares the goal of using trash-capturing technologies to generate data through waste characterization involving the classification and quantification of the pollutants using the Clean Swell app. The data provides an accurate picture of the waste being generated locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to inform and educate companies, policymakers, and the public.