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The Port of Vancouver expands its noise reduction criteria

February 12, 2019

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has expanded its industry-leading EcoAction Program to encourage ships that call on the Port of Vancouver to quiet the waters for the endangered whale population along the southern coast of British Columbia.

Effective January 1, 2019, the port authority increased the number of underwater noise-reducing options and updated the air emissions reduction options eligible for discounted harbour dues through its EcoAction Program.

The EcoAction Program now accepts the completion of a specific level in the Green Marine program’s underwater noise performance indicator to achieve EcoAction’s bronze, silver or gold tiers. The program also accepts quiet ship notations from four distinct ship classification societies and five propeller technologies, all of which can help reduce underwater noise emissions.

The EcoAction Program also recognizes the Green Marine’s performance results for its air emissions indicators. Ships calling on the Port of Vancouver that use technologies to reduce emissions, underwater noise, and other environmental impacts can apply for reduced harbour dues of up to 47%.

View the brochure to see the full details.