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The Port of Valleyfield – greener still!

October 17, 2014

The Port of Valleyfield now has plug-in power for the Nunavut Eastern Arctic Shipping (NEAS) fleet. The new infrastructure enables the vessels to connect to a local electricity circuit rather than operate their diesel engines while in port. The electrical facility can simultaneously power two ships. NEAS vessels typically stop over for about a week and need power to generate hot water, heating and lighting and to operate or maintain temperature-controlled containers, ballast pumps, boilers and mooring winches. NEAS is now able to connect its four ships during each of five stopovers between July and October to load goods for shipment to Northern Quebec and other Canadian Arctic regions. Each vessel is connected to the electrical grid for approximately eight hours daily, primarily when the vessel has suspended the day’s loading operations. The plug-in infrastructure is part of the ongoing efforts by the Port of Valleyfield to limit the environmental impact of port activities by reducing fuel-causing pollutants and, thereby, reducing greenhouse gases and improving air quality.

In this photo: Georges Tousignant, Vice President of Operations, Nunavut Eastern Arctic Shipping (NEAS); Isabelle Viau, Coordinator of Administrative Services, Port of Valleyfield