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The Port of San Diego invites public feedback on draft Maritime Clean Air Strategy

March 23, 2021

In the ongoing process of developing its Maritime Clean Air Strategy (MCAS) in extensive collaboration with the community and other stakeholders, the Port of San Diego is now seeking additional local public feedback on a discussion draft.

As an environmental leader on behalf of San Diego Bay and the surrounding waterfront, the Port of Dan Diego is renewing its MCAS as an update to the port’s 2007 Clean Air Program.

MCAS aims to identify projects that will improve air quality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the course of transitioning to more efficient, modern and sustainable maritime operations. The strategy will establish the goals and objectives to reduce emissions associated with seven maritime-related sources: cargo handling equipment, commercial harbour craft, heavy duty trucks, the port’s fleet, shipyards, oceangoing vessels, and rail freight.

The MCAS discussion draft was produced with the help of many stakeholders, including community residents, and representatives from industry, businesses, public agencies and non-government organizations. The port has now invited all of the community to take a look at the draft and share their thoughts.

Members of San Diego’s community can give their feedback until April 20, 2021.

To learn more about the MCAS and review the discussion draft, go to portofsandiego.org/MCAS.

Image from Port of San Diego