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The Port of Québec invites citizenry to give its opinion on all projects

July 20, 2022

The Port of Quebec has launched a citizens' platform inviting the community and port partners to get involved in all of its projects.

Located in the heart of Quebec City, the Port of Quebec recognizes the need to work in collaboration with neighbouring communities for a harmonious city-port co-existence. Entitled Je participe (meaning I'm Involved in French), the new platform has been designed to encourage these exchanges with citizens to benefit from their expertise as users of the port’s services and public spaces.

"The port's future projects must be articulated within the relationships that we maintain with our neighbours, our city, and our partners,” explains Mario Girard, the Quebec Port Authority’s President and CEO.

“This platform is a tool that will encourage greater public participation,” he adds. “It will be easier for citizens to communicate with us, to share their ideas, to improve current and future projects, and to contribute to their realization.”

In 2015, the Port of Quebec launched its Environmental Citizen Participation Process (ECPP), an initial citizens’ platform, also designed to collect public feedback. This initiative took shape as part of the Quebec Port Authority’s obligations as a federal agency to assess the potential environmental impacts of every project carried out on port territory.

In addition to its Je participe platform, the port intends to organize coffee shops to facilitate closer exchanges with citizens, as well as to launch a newsletter regarding its activities.

Visit the platform (in French only): https://jeparticipe.portquebec.ca