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The Port of Québec inaugurates North America’s first port bathing area

July 1, 2022

Located in the heart of Quebec City’s historic district, the Port of Québec opened a swimming area in the Louise Basin earlier this summer to offer the public safe access to the waters of the St. Lawrence River. The $2.6-million development includes removable facilities to provide seasonal access to the harbour bathing area, which includes a 650-square-metre (almost 7,000-square-foot) recreational pool and five 50-metre (164-foot) lanes similar to those found in Olympic-sized pools.

This project was achieved in collaboration with the Village Nordik of the Port of Quebec, which organizes winter sporting activities for the public, as well as the Société des Gens de Baignades, whose mission is to develop, maintain and enhance public access to bodies of water. Until recently, the Louise Basin was occupied almost exclusively by Port of Québec Marina boaters.

The new free swimming facility is part of the port’s Oasis initiative, a four-season activities location for the public to further enhance the port’s community engagement and leadership.