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The Port of Quebec and Novarium unite to stimulate innovation

November 1, 2023

Novarium, the campus dedicated to blue economy innovation, and the Port of Quebec, have announced a strategic collaboration to create a dynamic environment conducive to innovation, research and sustainable development within the maritime sector, while taking advantage of the port location’s unique features.

As part of the partnership, the port is committed to providing businesses with some of the most specialized infrastructure in Canada for the storage of liquid bulk and solid goods. The largest cruise port in the St. Lawrence and a key transshipment centre on the river, the Port of Quebec is opening new opportunities to start-ups wishing to seize opportunities within the blue economy.

Novarium and the Port of Quebec have joined forces to encourage research, development and innovation in the maritime sector, while further enhancing the area’s reputation for blue economy leadership. The partnership will provide businesses with space to experiment with new blue economy ideas while addressing some of the complex challenges facing the Port of Quebec.