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The Port of Montreal draws a positive report on its Good Neighbourhood Committee 1st year

January 13, 2016

The Montreal Port Authority (MPA) set up a Good Neighbourhood Committee to foster closer and more lasting relations between the MPA and its neighbouring communities, and to establish dialogue and facilitate information exchange related to activities occurring on Port territory.  It held three meetings in 2015. Among other things, it addressed the Port of Montreal’s array of projects, its complaints management process, intermodal freight transportation, and various concerns of committee members.  The committee is composed of residents and representatives of local organizations, organizations operating on Port of Montreal territory or connected thereto, municipalities and the MPA.

“Strong member participation at the meetings reflects the importance of such a committee. It’s a mission-critical venue that lets us learn about our neighbours’ concerns, discuss a number of common issues and share our various projects,” said Sophie Roux, Vice-President, Public Affairs at the MPA.