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The Port of Galveston introduces a range of sustainability initiatives

July 23, 2021

Since joining Green Marine in October 2019, the Port of Galveston has used the environmental certification program to guide its development of concrete actions to significantly reduce the port’s environmental footprint.Haut du formulaire

The Port of Galveston achieved its Green Marine certification in June, after evaluating its environmental performance and having the results externally verified.

Seeking to implement best environmental practices and strive for continuous improvement, the Board of Trustees of Galveston Wharves, which governs the port, approved a number of actions to improve environment performance of the port’s operations. These are either already done or under way and include:

  • Implementing a plan to fully transition within five years to electricity providers using sustainable energy sources.
  • Conducting with Texas A&M University a cost-benefit study that includes the costs of installing shore power infrastructure, the estimated demand for shore power over next five to 10 years, and funding possibilities.
  • Partnering with Royal Caribbean International to evaluate the feasibility of providing shore power for the line’s ships at the new cruise terminal scheduled to open in 2022.
  • Designing the new Royal Caribbean International cruise terminal at the port to meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental) certification standards.
  • Establishing recycling programs and a sustainable supply policy.
  • Planning the addition of alternative fuel vehicles to the port’s fleet, as well as installing electric vehicle charging stations at the cruise-related parking lots.