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The Port of Cleveland is establishing a new electrification hub

May 13, 2024

Part of a large warehouse is being transformed by the Port of Cleveland into an electrification hub as a foundational step towards achieving net-zero emissions in the port’s operations by 2050. The project focuses on upgrading the port's electric infrastructure to support emissions reduction as part of a broader strategy approved by the Cleveland-Cuyahoga Port Authority.

The $32-million initiative, funded by federal and state grants, will significantly reduce the port’s emissions in handling approximately 13 million tons of cargo annually. The new electrification hub will support the transition to electric-powered equipment, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels for port vehicles, cranes, forklifts, along with other machinery.

One of the port’s key goals is to install two megawatts of solar capacity atop Warehouse A. The port is also planning to incentivize ships to plug into cleaner shore power while docked, rather than running diesel engines.

The port's sustainability efforts align with broader goals, such as reducing Lake Erie’s water pollution and managing dredged materials more sustainably.