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The Green Marine 2024 environmental certification program is out!

March 6, 2024

The performance indicators’ requirements are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure the program is progressively more demanding and stays beyond compliance. The program sets out challenging but still achievable goals as new environmental priorities are introduced from time to time, and the criteria for existing performance indicators are augmented to be sufficiently demanding at each level as new regulations are introduced and/or new guidelines and technologies become available.

Highlights of the 2024 program

GHG & Air Pollutants – On track for decarbonization by 2050 in all sectors

The performance plan from Level 4 for Ports and Seaway corporations was progressed to a port-wide scope at Level 5. The reduction target at Level 5 for a port’s own direct GHG emission was raised from 1% to 2.4% annual average over at least a 3-year time frame.
The reduction target at Level 5 for the terminal’s own GHG emissions intensity (Scope 1 required and Scope 2 recommended) was raised from 1% to 2.4% annual average over at least a 3-year time frame.

Aquatic Ecosystems – New guidance

Development of all the annexes for the new Aquatic Ecosystems performance indicator that is now mandatory after being optional for the first year.

Shipyards – Distinct annexes

Following the development of the shipyard performance indicators distinct from terminals, the annexes have now also been updated.

Cargo Residues

For ship owners, the Cargo residues 5-level performance indicator was retired in 2016 as one of the program’s success stories. However, a zero-discharge policy has been maintained for all international ship owners operating within the region. Green Marine no longer records or publishes results for this criterion. To align our public program requirements with the criteria we actively maintain and certify, the cargo residues indicator will no longer appear in the program.

Aquatic Invasive Species

For Ports, now that the Aquatic Ecosystems performance indicator is in its second year in the program and no longer optional, the two criteria they reported under Aquatic Invasive Species are superseded.


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