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The Florida Ports Council is now aboard

February 22, 2018

The Florida Ports Council is the latest association to join Green Marine, bringing the number of associations supporting the environmental program to 22! The council is a non-profit corporation that serves as the professional association for Florida’s fifteen public seaports and their management. The council is governed by a board of directors comprised of the fifteen port directors. Its support staff is based in Tallahassee. The council provides advocacy, leadership and information on seaport-related issues before the legislative and executive branches of the state and federal government.

Florida’s network of seaports is one of the state’s greatest economic assets, positively affecting every region and every resident. Whether moving upwards of a hundred million tonnes of cargo annually or millions of cruise passengers, Florida’s seaports generate and support a vast array of commerce. The Florida Ports Council believes a strong, strategic public/private partnership between Florida’s ports and the state and local levels of government will enable these diverse seaports to continue their significant economic contributions to every region of the state.