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The American Maritime Partnership joins Green Marine Associations

March 11, 2021

Washington, DC, March 11, 2021 – The American Maritime Partnership (AMP), a coalition representing the U.S. maritime industry, becomes a Green Marine Association Member, the largest voluntary environmental certification program for North America’s maritime industry.

AMP is the leading coalition of the domestic American maritime industry, focused on supporting U.S. cabotage laws, promoting the domestic maritime industry and raising awareness of the positive impacts of America’s domestic maritime industry for the nation. Notably, the American maritime industry provides approximately 650,000 American workers and $154 billion in economic activity annually. AMP members include individual companies and major trade associations covering most segments of the industry, some of which are also Green Marine members.

“Green Marine is an important expert resource for AMP and its members to develop and share best practices to advance environmental sustainability in the maritime industry, and we are excited to be a partner,” explains Mike Roberts, President, American Maritime Partnership and Senior Vice President for Crowley Maritime Corp.

“We are very pleased to welcome the largest maritime industry coalition in the United States as a Green Marine member,” said Green Marine Executive Director, David Bolduc. “By adding AMP’s voice to the ever-increasing group of companies and industry stakeholders who have joined Green Marine, the American Maritime Partnership is sending a clear signal about our industry’s commitment to greater environmental sustainability.”

“We are well-positioned to support that effort,” added David Bolduc. “Both Green Marine and American Maritime Partnership have a diverse membership covering vessel and shoreside operations. We are also in alignment in promoting the environmental benefits of the marine mode of transportation and in committing to further reduce the industry’s environmental footprint.”

About the American Maritime Partnership
The American Maritime Partnership (AMP) is the broadest coalition ever assembled to represent the U.S. maritime industry. AMP’s membership includes vessel owners and operators, shipboard and shoreside workers, shipbuilders and repair yards, equipment manufacturers and vendors, dredging and marine construction contractors, maritime trade associations and national security organizations. All recognize that a strong domestic maritime industry is critical for America’s economic, national, and homeland security, and is best supported by maintaining the Jones Act as the foundation of American maritime policy.

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