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Techsol Marine sponsors GreenTech 2016

April 28, 2016

With its Opening Fish’n’Ships* cocktail, GreenTech is revisiting classic fare because fish not only goes deliciously with fries but coexists with ships! Keeping in stride with one of the conference’s presentations, Hilton Québec’s executive chef, Simon Careau, is creating appetizing morsels featuring sustainably fished products from the St. Lawrence River. On the menu:

  • Smoked eel with blueberry caramel and acidulated beets
  • Candied walleye marinated with ice cider and Indian long pepper
  • Channel catfish crab cakes
  • Atlantic sturgeon satay with a black garlic aioli

This opening cocktail promises to be festive, thanks to our generous sponsor, Techsol Marine, which is celebrating its 20th year in business. Thank you Techsol Marine!

*Thanks also to Yves Paradis, a biologist specializing in aquatic fauna at the Quebec government’s Ministry of forests, fauna and parks, who coined the Fish’n’Ships play on words that inspired the opening event’s theme.