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Sustainability remains a focus for the Port of Seattle 2021 recovery budget

November 18, 2020

The Port of Seattle Commissioners approved a 2021 budget and five-year capital plan with the goal of supporting an equitable, rapid and lasting economic recovery. Through its partnership with the Northwest Seaport Alliance, the port’s Maritime division will complete the first phase of a new modern international shipping facility at Terminal 5.

Next year’s annual budget prioritizes investments that create jobs and drive economic activity, as well as strategies to stop the spread of COVID-19 at the port’s critical trade and travel facilities. Sustainability projects that restore habitat and reduce carbon are also key investments as they generate both jobs and economic activity, as well as long-lasting community benefits.

The port is undertaking several other capital projects for both economic and environmental development improvements, including:

  • The habitat restoration project at the Duwamish River People’s Park , which is the most significant habitat restoration project on the Duwamish River in the last decade;
  • The clean electric shore power installation at the Pier 66 cruise terminal;
  • The development of a new Maritime Innovation Center at Fishermen’s Terminal.

Photo from Port of Seattle’s Website