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Successful emissions reduction at the Port of Vancouver

December 13, 2017

The Port of Vancouver has significantly reduced its air polluting emissions, according to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s third port emissions inventory report.

Stronger regulation and investments in technology account for the decrease in key transport areas between 2010 and 2015 despite greater volumes of trade. Marine-related emissions decreased by 36% over the five-year period, while on-road emissions went down 31%, and emissions from non-road equipment dropped by 26%.

Conducted for every five-year period, the inventory has involved two years of data collection, analysis and modelling. The information will be used to forecast and, if possible, reduce future emissions.

Air emissions have increased by 14% when it comes to administrative operations, but with electricity accounting for only 5% of the port’s energy sources, many possibilities for cleaner energy alternatives exist.

Moving away from the 95% fossil fuel use will be a main challenge as the port faces higher overall emissions due to increased trade, even though greenhouse gas emissions per tonne of cargo have been lessened.