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Défi Saint-Laurent sets out to reduce plastic and microplastic impacts

March 22, 2019

Stratégies Saint-Laurent has launched Défi Saint-Laurent this spring. The initiative aims at reducing the impacts of plastics on the St. Lawrence ecosystem via two approaches: a shoreline clean-up campaign in partnership with the ZIP Committees, Mission 100 Tonnes, and WWF Canada; and, the reduction of single-use plastic products.

Microplastics are polluting the St. Lawrence River and harming its biodiversity. Most of the microplastics come from the degradation of everyday objects made of plastic. Their impact will be reduced by limiting this waste at source.

Défi Saint-Laurent is primarily intended for businesses and recreational tourism companies operating along or within the St. Lawrence River. Stratégies Saint-Laurent is offering participating companies a five-level recognition program. Each company selects a level of participation and commits to reducing its plastic consumption to achieve the goals set out for that level. For more information, visit http://www.strategiessl.qc.ca