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St. Lawrence Shipoperators to take a closer look at Artificial intelligence

August 9, 2018

The 2018 St. Lawrence Shipoperators’ conference CURRENTS, will focus on Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Ships. The event will take place October 2, 2018, in Montreal, and seating is limited.

The progress of artificial intelligence in the marine industry and the development of autonomous ships have already started to revolutionize marine transportation. Pilot projects in Europe, as well as technological innovations lead the way towards shipping of tomorrow. In this context, understanding the underlying challenges and preparing adequately for the upcoming changes are critical for seizing new opportunities as they arise.

Targeting key decision-makers and stakeholders of the maritime industry, as well as key players in artificial intelligence, the CURRENTS conference aims to demystify this hot topic, to identify opportunities for research and technological development and to discuss the many changes that these advances will introduce to the industry. In addition, the event will provide the opportunity to the different actors of artificial intelligence in Quebec to discuss and exchange with stakeholders of the transport sector and maritime technologies with the goal to foster future collaborations.

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