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Sodes raises awareness regarding the maritime industry’s importance

June 17, 2024

The St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (Sodes) has launched “Le Fleuve nous unit” (The River Unites Us) campaign to highlight the crucial role of Quebec's maritime industry in all aspects of daily life.

The ambitious initiative, supported by Quebec’s Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, relates how the maritime industry plays a pivotal role in the economy by facilitating the trade of goods and the transport of merchandise worldwide, which stimulates local economic activity in the process. The campaign also conveys how maritime transportation ensures a regular food supply by delivering fruit, vegetables, other essential products that support the public’s nutrition and health.

The campaign notes that the maritime industry is also investing in innovative practices to reduce carbon emissions and protect marine biodiversity to help preserve the Saint Lawrence River’s environment and ecosystems. The industry is adopting innovations, such as hybrid or electric propulsion ships and advanced fleet management systems, to improve operational efficiency and reduce its environmental footprint.

Educational workshops, conferences, and interactive events will be held as part of the campaign to help Quebecers better understand and appreciate the maritime industry’s role in the economy, the environment, and numerous aspects of daily life.

The Sodes has launched its campaign by sharing key information in a quick, readily accessible format online in French and in English.