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ShiftCarbon launches Focused Footprint to help the industry calculate its emissions

February 16, 2023

An innovator in end-to-end decarbonization solutions, ShiftCarbon has released Focused Footprint to help maritime transportation companies to calculate their carbon emissions through a series of guided steps that focus specifically on the industry.

The new tool is designed to help the industry reach the International Maritime Organization’s goal of reducing carbon emissions by at least 40% by 2030 with the precise identification and calculations of carbon emissions. The accurate measurement is achieved by focusing on specific data points and emission sources that are specific to the maritime industry, which result in a more detailed and consistent account of a company’s carbon footprint.

Focused Footprint integrates the latest industry standards with all relevant data sources, such as fuel consumption, power usage, and vessel activity to obtain its results. The new tool within ShiftCarbon Measure enables clients to quickly measure their climate impact and identify opportunities to optimize their company’s energy usage and reduce emissions.