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Rapid stormwater monitoring device being developed at the Port of San Diego

December 14, 2020


The Port of San Diego has entered into a two-year pilot project with FREDsense Technologies to create portable five-in-one field-testing sensor equipment to provide real-time metals analysis for stormwater monitoring.

FREDsense is adapting their technology used in the environmental remediation industry called titration with the goal of analyse quickly storm water. Titration determines a metal’s concentration within a water or other sample by the amount of a re-agent (another chemical) that was necessary to absorb/collect all of that substance.

The goal is to be able to monitor the amounts of aluminum, copper, lead, nickel and zinc that are all currently analysed in more complex, time-consuming and expensive ways under the port’s stormwater programs.

Once the project is completed, the port’s stormwater programs are expected to be significantly improved with a new more efficient and economical device that provides real-time data to promptly adjust best management practices.

Photo form Port of San Diego’s Website