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QSL donates $50,000 to the EcoMaris sail training vessel

September 13, 2019

An inaugural fundraising campaign by QSL has raised $50,000 for the EcoMaris, a sailboat/school and Green Marine supporter that offers 18-to-35-year-old Quebecers with various challenges the opportunity to experience sailing on the St. Lawrence River.

The campaign’s success is thanks to the support of the gold partner Langlois law firm and several economic players in the greater Quebec City region. The money will be put into an improvement fund to renovate vessel panels, add solar power, update navigational equipment, as well as carry out required welding and sail maintenance.

Since its 2012 launch, the 87-foot sailboat/school has welcomed more than 3,500 sailors, traveled more than 32,000 nautical miles, avoided three storms, visited all the maritime regions of Eastern Canada, participated at three Tall Ships festivals. Most importantly, EcoMaris has helped its trainees to discover their talents and passions while encouraging them to protect the St. Lawrence by having them experience the river’s beauty and might.