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Puget LNG joins Green Marine

May 22, 2018

Puget LNG is a supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and renewable LNG to transportation customers within the Puget Sound region. Located at the Port of Tacoma, Puget LNG is uniquely positioned to provide reliable LNG bunkering to commercial marine customers in all industry segments by having the only LNG marine loading pier on the U.S. West Coast, as well as low natural gas costs and dedicated LNG production. Its waterside location at the Port of Tacoma in the State of Washington is ideal for providing LNG to a marine customer base. There is also easy access to rail and on-road transportation corridors. Puget LNG is able to offer low carbon intensity LNG because the Tacoma LNG plant is powered with 95% renewable electricity. Puget LNG’s further capabilities to blend in renewable natural gas offers customers a fuel solution to meet to their carbon reduction goals. Scheduled for completion in late 2020, its new LNG plant will be ready to provide additional LNG fuel to marine customers calling on ports within the Pacific Northwest.