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Progress outlined in CSL’s newest corporate sustainability report

July 4, 2019

CSL Group’s sixth annual Corporate Sustainability Report details the initiatives and results in the areas of governance, safety, environmental responsibility, ethics, the workplace, community engagement, and value for customers.

Because of the distinct nature of CSL’s Great Lakes operations, CSL’s participation in Green Marine is split between the Canada Steamship Lines fleet as one participant, and the CSL Americas, CSL Australia, and CSL Europe fleets grouped together as a separate participant under CSL International. The results of both of these participants are outlined in the report.

Notable 2018 highlights include:

  • A 9% increase in general waste recycling from vessels.
  • A 34% reduction in incinerated waste.
  • Continued improvement in overall Green Marine performance.
  • Level 4 achievement in Green Marine’s new underwater noise performance indicator.

The 2018 report was prepared using the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 Sustainability Guidelines as a reference.

Click here to read or download the 2018 CSL Corporate Sustainability Report.