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Progress and precise sustainability goals outlined by Logistec

July 10, 2019

Logistec Corporation’s 2018 Sustainability Report highlights the company’s achievements and strategies to establish congruent environmental, social and economic performance.

The report issued in July clearly indicates Logistec’s progress within the Green Marine program. It includes examples of tangible actions that the company has put in place to achieve specific criteria for all six applicable Green Marine performance indicators.

Environmental stewardship is among the five areas targeted for strategic, sustainable development. Three specific goals with associated initiatives have been set for 2019 implementation within this key area:

Reduce emissions and promote energy efficiency

  • Strengthen the sustainable development program
  • Achieve Green Marine’s Level 3 or higher for all Logistec terminals
  • Introduce an asset management program

Save resources

  • Develop a recycling program
  • Establish a Zero Paper program with an initial 20% reduction target
  • Reduce water bottle purchases by 50%

Green communities

  • Launch the Partners in Planting initiative in conjunction with Tree Canada to introduce more trees into Logistec’s communities in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way

Click here to read or download the Logistec Sustainability Report.