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Prince Rupert Port Authority enhanced its environmental rewards program

June 26, 2015

As of June 1, 2015, there were a number of revisions to the Green Wave Program at the Port of Prince Rupert. The Green Wave program was launched in 2013 and offers discounted harbor dues for shipping companies who have installed emission-reduction technologies or implemented other operational practices on board their vessels. The discounts are based on a vessel’s achievement within specific environmental initiatives, including Green Marine.

The changes reflect the increasing regulatory standards of the Emissions Control Area (ECA) as well as an increased recognition of top performing vessels. Rather than based on achievement within the SOx criteria, the updated program will determine the reward level by achievement in the GHG. For example, one of the changes will be rewards based on achievement within Green Marine’s GHG Performance Indicator rather than the GHG Indicator. The Port of Prince Rupert said 140 vessels participated in the program in 2014 and the number has continued to grow in 2015.