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CSL Takes First Steps Towards Biofuel Powered Shipping on the Great Lakes

October 11, 2019

In August 2019, CSL ran its first test of a marine biofuel on Canada Steamship Lines’ 36,920 DWT self-unloading bulk carrier Atlantic Huron. The trial commenced with a 50% bio-content fuel made from waste agricultural products. Biofuels have several environmental benefits when compared to petroleum-based fuels including reducing lifecycle carbon emissions by 86% and lowering particulate matter by 47%, helping contribute to improved air quality and lower pollution. The trial began with the use of biofuel on one onboard generator with the aim to extend use to the main engine. The bio-content of the fuel will also increase through the trial phase with the objective to use 100% biofuel on Atlantic Huron, making it the first trial of its kind on the Great Lakes. This R&D project is part of CSL’s 2030 Environment Vision commitment to lower our fleet’s greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for a low carbon shipping future.