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Positive results for Urgence Marine's new composting program

April 21, 2021

Urgence Marine’s mission in connection with environmental protection has been established for several years and the company provides a personalized waste collection service. Whether it is the collection of international / Canadian waste or any other material on board ships, the program maximizes the recycling of recovered materials. A cumulative is sent annually to their partners and customers to ensure sound environmental management.

Urgence Marine redirects waste materials with care to more than 12 different centers to ensure they are properly recycled.

In 2020, the waste management program generated a 150% volume increase for organic matter compared to 2019. This result is consistent with the collaboration of Canadian ships segregating their waste during navigation. The Urgence Marine compostable materials recycling program, set up in March 2019, offers a deposit exchange service to facilitate storage, transport, and recycling.