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PortXChange offers a port decarbonization workshop

June 12, 2024

One of Green Marine partners, PortXChange, will hold a roundtable to discuss the challenges and opportunities for ports working toward decarbonization. Interested ports need to register by contacting PortXChange.


In the current global trading environment, ports are evolving beyond their traditional roles to act as key drivers in the energy transition. They are not only gateways for goods but also innovators of green solutions, such as shorepower, charging stations for electric trucks, and providers of clean fuels for ships. This shift reflects a profound alignment with societal and environmental values, positioning ports as pivotal players in sustainable energy initiatives.

These green investments are not merely financially motivated; they represent a deeper commitment to societal and environmental betterment. The move towards decarbonization stands at the core of this transformation, urging ports to undertake significant investments that promise to reshape the sector. This commitment is crucial as it supports a broader vision for a sustainable and resilient future.

In this roundtable, US Maritime Knowledge Expert at PortXchange, Dr. Beatriz Canamary will discuss:

  • What is the value chain of collaborative partnerships for effective maritime decarbonization?
  • What are the hurdles in establishing an organization's strategy for decarbonization?
  • What are the critical success factors for an effective and global decarbonization?
  • What is the role of data and digital solutions for effective maritime decarbonization?
  • What challenges do ports face to meet regulations?

A professor of Business Analytics at Florida Polytechnic University, Dr. Canamary joined the PortXChange team last April as their US Maritime Knowledge Expert. The collaboration will see her focus on assisting ports in decarbonizing their operations.

With over 17 years of experience developing and managing successful global business ventures within the infrastructure segment, Dr Canamary brings a wealth of expertise to PortXchange. Her insights will be pivotal in guiding ports toward a greener and more sustainable future.