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Ports of Saguenay and Aalborg will share knowledge on sustainable development

June 14, 2022

The Port of Saguenay has signed a collaboration agreement with the Port of Aalborg, a northern Denmark city, to facilitate sharing knowledge about the maritime industry’s technological innovations and best practices, particularly in the industrial port sector. The partnership involves the establishment of a long-term privileged communication channel between the two ports regarding technological innovations, deployed best practices, and the development of scientific knowledge. The goal is to inspire each other.

The collaboration derives from the desire by the Port of Saguenay to join forces with a port that has exemplary sustainable development practices and aims to increase its activities in a responsible manner. The Port of Aalborg is globally recognized for its successful efforts in collaboration with numerous local partners to achieve sustainability in its operations. These partners include Aalborg University, municipal authorities, utility companies, businesses, and business networks.

Along with wanting to improve their environmental performance, the ports have several characteristics in common. Both are located on a river, close to an urban area of like size, and surrounded by a vast and expanding industrial port area offering full intermodal capabilities. Each port also has a university in its midst recognized for its sustainable development expertise.

While in Quebec, Rikke Dustrup, who is Sustainability Consultant, R&D at the Port of Aalborg, and the President and CEO of the Port of Saguenay, Carl Laberge, met with the David Bolduc, Green Marine’s President on June 15. They discussed the Green Marine environmental certification process and the program’s targeted issues. The Port of Saguenay has been a certified Green Marine member since 2009.